Gaby & Benedetto (Kiki)

Stephanie (Shannon)

Michael (Shannon)

Magdalena (Axel) 

Bernard & Christa (Axel)

Alan Shomaker (Pastor)

Leslie Reed (Lisa)

Edwin (Eva)

Markus (Katharina)

Chelsea & Courtney (Lisa)

Crump Family (Pastor)

Peter (Eva)

Markus (Vyina)

Hans-Bernhard (Katharina)

Chris (Eva)

John (David)

Abhishek and Bhupinder (Arnita)

Zens family (Mircea)

Bret Goebel (Kyrsti)

Tom (Regensburg)

Manuel (Regensburg)


Leslie (Lisa) — cancer

Gika (Kiki) —  in/out clinic

John & Elva (Pastor) — John recovering from stroke

Arnita — pregnancy, headaches

Mrs. Rose — recovery

Rosmarie (Claus) — bowel cancer

Eva — cough, wisdom for Dr. To find the right treatment

Chuckie (Pastor) — recovery from accident, stitches and fractures

Pastor's dad — recovery from hand injury

Harry's Uncle — recovery from stroke

Landon Williams — microscopic blood clots from COVID treatment

Todd Laverents — cancer

Soldier — broken back from jump

Mia — pregnant

Shelly (Eva) — back pain 


Hohenfels Baptist Church

Peace in Ukraine

Laborers for the Lord's harvest — Luke 10:2

Lisa — additional support/visa process

Krenz family — unspoken 

Candace (Eva) — sanctification  

John & Laurie (Jenny) — missionaries in Columbia

Ian (Shannon) — unspoken

Levi Klaus — deployed

David Carrington — Welcome back!

Paula Bailey — deployed 

Kurakov family — looking for employment

Goodwin family — upcoming PCS, need to find the right church

Filonczuks — finalizing house purchase/unspoken

Joseph — growing up struggles

Stefan — business issues

Johannes —life struggles

Europe —energy issues

Bethany & Titus — care for Armando


Our Missionaries — click link below for list


Our Missionaries