Gaby & Benedetto (Kiki)

Stephanie (Shannon)

Michael (Shannon)

Magdalena (Axel) 

Bernard & Christa (Axel)

Alan Shomaker (Pastor)

Leslie Reed (Lisa)

Edwin (Eva)

Markus (Katharina)

Chelsea & Courtney (Lisa)

Crump Family (Pastor)

Peter (Eva)

Hans-Bernhard (Katharina)

Chris (Eva)

Zens family (Mircea)

Joshua (Michelle)

Maria and Phillipe (Michelle)

Nadia (Olga)

Ray (Kayleigh)

Andrea (Harry)

Maddox and family (Noah)

Steve Kelly (Buck)


Leslie (Lisa) — cancer

Gika (Kiki) —  in old folks home

John & Elva (Pastor) — health

Pricops — Mia and Miriam

Francis (Tony) — epilepsy

Gaby (Kiki) —  chemo blood transfusion 5/12/23

Andrea (Harry) — ALS

Shiraz (Harry) — coma after heart attack

Landry (Jordan) — upcoming surgery  

Edwin (Eva) — health and safety

Betty Willingham (Lisa) — final stages of cancer in hospital

Randy Istre (Jordan) — bone cancer

Stephanie (Shannon's mom) — aortic hernia

Kayleigh — morning sickness, pregnancy


Laborers for the Lord's harvest — Luke 10:2

Dot McBride — health & support

Alice Burge — health & support

Krenz family — unspoken 

Candace (Eva) — sanctification  

John & Laurie (Jenny) — missionaries in Columbia

Ian (Shannon) — unspoken 

HMHS — staffing

Kathy (Kiki) — family issues

JMRC Hohenfels — joint training

Ray — deployed

Kurakov family — looking for house

Jenny's brother and family looking for new home

Lisa's nephew — life issues

Chuck Crawford (Buck) — career issues

Ashland — hoping for curtailment approval

Lindsey — unspoken

Kiki — work issues


John & Rose Radank (Germany) 

Mircea & Maria Pricop (Hungary/Romania)

Lisa Kendrick (Germany) — support level

Jim & Becky White (Germany) — health

Joe & Michele Parrock (Costa Rica/Panama)

Steve & Pam Myers (South Africa)

Bruce & Joanna White (Germany) 

Keith & Julia Klaus (Germany) 

Jonathan & Rachael Lyons (United States)

Corre & Claudia Meyer (Spain)

Evan & Carmen Williams (Honduras)

Nathaniel & Ginger Ensley (United States)

Mike & Leah Teague (Germany)

Tom & Dottie Lancaster (United States)

Frank & Andrea Krause (Germany) 

John & Racheal Reaves (Czech)

Missionaries (undisclosed location)